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REBECEE aims to promote renewable energy heating/cooling applications and energy efficiency solutions for buildings. On the occasion of major investment projects in Kiel (D), Ljubljana (SL), Ålingsas/Gotenburg (S), Tallinn (EE) and The Netherlands, where more than 50 types of new built and redeveloped energy houses will be implemented, the consortium will work together to ensure that more than 300 units with integrated RES H/C components will be installed there, which then will be presented in the frame of 5 Renewable Energy Building Exhibitions. Although the investments and the construction measures are not a part of the project, these will be used for a massive promotion and training campaign in these 5 cities.

These houses are part of new residential and revitalized areas without CO2 emission in the participating cities. The supply of the sites with 100 % RES is aimed.

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