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Centre for Energy, Construction, Architecture
and the Environment GmbH

The aim of our organisation is to promote and improve climate protection standards through the construction and redevelopment of energy efficient, low - cost houses, offices, commercial and industrial buildings, and to use this best practice to inform architectural designs and the building culture at the highest possible level.

Managing Directors:

Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Peter-M. Friemert + Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Schmitz

Advice on Innovations + New Concepts
We offer a variety of technical and institutional expertise, through a substantial network of experts and advisors who work in all areas of town and regional planning, construction, architecture and building services, as well as in financial consultancy and marketing.
We are authorised to award Hamburg Energy Passes, and are also licensed partners of the German "Passive" House Institute, for the certification of Passive Houses.

Project Development + Management
We can support the development of new projects, and can provide in-depth research into market competition, planning work and quality assessment from the planning and construction phase through to the certification and evaluation of a building.
We also lead and develop European projects within Altener and Interreg. Since early 2005, we have a representative in Shanghai, to develop the Ecological building exhibition Shanghai 2006.

Source of Information + Specialised Training
We are currently developing new training courses with the aim of improving the quality of energy-saving technology and ecologically innovative building methods at the planning and implementation stage, and offer further education courses, seminars and congresses under this theme.

University Network + Transfer of Technical Knowledge
We are the link that promotes inter-disciplinary and applied research and cooperation between various institutions, and we can facilitate the interaction between innovative, university-led research into ecological building methods, and actual projects in the marketplace. In this way, we are also able to support research projects, Diploma work and PhD dissertations.

Große Elbstr. 146, 22767 Hamburg, Germany -

Phone: +49_40_380384_0
Fax: +4940_380384_29