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23.-30.4.2009 - Alingsås/Sweden
Great success - EnBo09 housing and energy fair

The EnBo09 exhibition has closed for this year. "We are hoping to repeat the EnBo success during spring 2010" says Mr Bo Norling in his speech after the intensive exhibition week.

EnBo is Swedens´s largest exhibition for energy efficient building. Between 24 - 30 April builders, municipalities and manufacturers were gathered in Alingsås to demonstrate energy efficient construction solutions.

Studyvisits to five different energy efficient interesting sites were arranged every day during the week, both for public and professionals.
For the moment, an evaluation is going on. Totally the exhibition had more than 7.000 visitors.
A target to reach was to fill 90% of the exhibition area, attract at least 50 different exhibitors and to have at least 500 professional visitors. This was fulfilled without any doubts.

Programme during the week
Every weekday seminars with different focus were held, combined with studyvisits to Brogården, Stadsskogen, Tollered and the distant heating establishment Sävelund.

Seminars were all sold out and both participants and guestlecturers were overall very satisfied with the result. Visits to the preschool were popular. "We have combined passivehouseconstruction with pedagogics and the result is a unique thinking about sustainable development which the children are aware of from early ages", Agneta Andersson, headmaster at preschool in Stadsskogen says.

Passive house conference
Passive house center in Alingsås was one of the organisers of the Passivehouse conference in Gothenburg 27-29 April this year. The conference attracted 400 nordic visitors and 300 of them visited EnBo09 during Wednesday 29 April.

Exhibitors 69
Visitors 7.000
Participants in seminars 125
Participants guided tours 900
Journalists 11
International visitors from Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania.

Thank you
A special thank you to all or partners Alingsås Energi, Alingsåshem, Fabs, Statkraft, Glantz arkitektstudio and Skanska.

23.-30.4.2009 - Alingsås/Sweden
EnBo09 housing and energy fair
In just about one month, it is time for the Swedish contribution to the REBECEE project EnBo09, to open. The grand opening of the energy- and housing exhibition will take place in Alingsås in the evening 23 April, and the exhibition will stretch until 30 April. Over a full week, builders, municipalities, distributors and speakers from organisations and universities will gather in Alingsås to demonstrate and discuss energy efficient building.
The project manager Mr Bo Norling is satisfied with the programme and has recruited a large team around him to perform the exhibition.
"We are really happy that we decided to perform our contribution to REBECEE in this way", says Mr Bo Norling.

The exhibition will be divided into three parts - Seminars, Exhibition hall and Studyvisits.
It will possible to attend five different seminars, one each day, all of them with focus on sustainability.
The guest lectures are carefully chosen and a name to drop is for example Professor John Holmberg, Head of the Division of Physical Resource Theory, Chalmers. Year 2001 he was awarded "the best university teacher in environmental science in Sweden" by the National Agency for Higher Education. Other speakers to mention is Mr Hans Eek, architect and passivehouse expert from Passivehouse center and Mr Tomas Kåberger, general director of Swedish Energy Agency. During the weekend EnBo09 will also present shorter seminars in the exhibitionhall. The hall will be open for visitors 10-16 daily and will be free of charge.
The study tours will depart from the hall and visit five different sites, three at each tour.The prevailing sites are Brogården, Stadsskogen, Preschool, Tollered and Sävenäs - the distant heating establishment.
To attract spontanius visits, we will offer ponyriding for children, jazzmusic in association with Alingsås Jazz Festival and nice opportunities to have lunch or coffe (made by the famous chef Ulrik Lindelöw) in the exhibition hall.

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Alingsås Municipality together with its municipal companies for housing and energy are working strategically with environmental aspects throughout the whole process of spatial planning. The REBECEE building exhibition in 2009 will show examples of innovative and energy efficiant solutions in buildings and promote renewable energy. The building exhibition will focus on the new residential area Stadsskogen and the refurbisment of the appartments houses at Brogården.


Stadsskogen is a completely new residential area in Alingsås where 1 000 dwellings are to be built over a ten year period. The area is one of both beautiful nature and nearness to the city, hence the name which means city forest. In a first phase 250 dwellings are to be built.

The whole area will be offered district heating produced from renewable energy. During summer there will be a complement of solar heat for the supply of hot water. In addition, different mesures will be taken to ensure a more effective use of energy, such as increased insulation levels and efficient heating systems, for all buildings. At least 100 of the 250 first dwellings, including one school, will be very well insulated and airtight, using the criterias for passive houses. All electrical appliances will meet high standards of energy efficiency. Other environmental best practise will be incorporated in the project, for example using new modern technique to ensure that surface water run-off does not pollute water courses.


Brogården is a residential area consisting of 300 apartments in 16 buildings that was built in 1970. It is now to be renovated into low energy houses. The use of energy is expected to diminish with at the lowest half of what it is today. In a first phase, one house with 18 apartments will be renovated.

The analysis of Brogården has been carefully made by the municipal building company Alingsåshem in close cooperation with a network of experts that will continue working together troughout the course of the project. It includes the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, the Swedish Energy Agency and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

The objective for the rehabilitation of Brogården is to reduce the energy consumption from today’s 216 kWh/m2 to at least 92 kWh/m2. Solar collectors and district heating with woodchops as energy source supplies the domestic hot water and the little space heating needed during very cold days. The rehabilitation will not only lead to a reduction of energy but also to a better indoor climate.

The radical reduction of energy consumption will be ensured through a number of mesures. Walls, balconies, attics and basements will be insulated to achieve zero energy loss and all windows will be replaced. All electrical appliances will meet high standards of energy efficiency.

Both Stadsskogen and Brodgården are supplied with district heating produced from renewable energy. The municipal company Alingsås Energy are continuously expanding the district heating net to new areas. The power plant produces more than 100 000 MWh and the fuel is for the most part waste from wood industry, forest raw material and sawmill industry.