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Expected results

1. 5 RE Building Exhibitions with 50 types of newly built and redeveloped houses and 300 units with integrated RE-components.

2. Reduction of energy consumption of refurbished buildings down to 30 - 40 % of national standards.

3. Energy consumption of new buildings down to 40 kWh/m²a (aiming 20 kWh/m²a).

4. Ten-thousands of customers , experts, multipliers, investors, politicians are motivated by P.R. campaigns to visit the exhibitions, 200 workshops and events about RE, sustainable development and economical possibilities in the forward-looking business.

5. Training of politicians, municipal officers, architects.

6. Sensitisation of citizens for energy optimized rehabilitation and building measures.

7. Public Private Partnership (PPP) reduces dependence on subsidies.

8.Acceleration of the market penetration of RES technologies.

9. Transferability of the model projects to other regions and generation of 10 comparable follow-up-projects.

10. Tools, manuals and software for RE planning and implementation concepts.